01 April 2016

Creating Avatar for Women

If you are a woman, you will need a lot more features in creating your cartoon profile picture. Women certainly will need a broad range of colors for lips, as well as choices for lips shapes. In Hexatar, we provide that kind of feature, choose from many lips types in our library, pick your own favorite color. You can even arrange the position of lips as well as control the size of it. Those features are not just for lips, but also nose, eyes, eyebrows, and ear. So, you can basically create anything.

User-created women avatars in Hexatar.com
In addition to that, hair is also an important part of woman's picture. We cater you with many different hair styles and colors. Accessories like hat, eyeglasses, and clothes are available to match your intended styling.

On top of that, Hexatar is unique against the other avatar creator application because of its signature hexagonal face shapes. It gives your picture a strong cartoon character. Choose from a vast array of shapes that you like.

So many choices, it looks like a professional tool. Is it easy to master?

Well, that is the most common question we get. We build Hexatar from the ground up to be easy to learn. That is what it is. No technical computer skills needed. Just open your browser, head to our very-easy-to-remember address www.hexatar.com, and start learning and creating.

If you do not like the Hexatar styling, you can try our own flat avatar maker app called PickaFace. The same easy to use, professional like, web application, with tons of features provided for women.

Whichever you choose, you will get your first cartoon profile picture ready in a matter of minutes.

User-created women avatars in PickaFace.net

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